Welcome to Aara Midwest

AARA MIDWEST has initiated different programs and projects to help our members. Our Preferred Vendor program is the example of one of the many programs and projects we have initiated. Our various product committees are able to utilize the strength and volume of our membership to negotiate and forge long-term relationships that favor our members. Our policy staff serves to further a broad legislative agenda on statewide issues that impact the community. In addition, AARA MIDWEST also offers a vast technological information network, the AARA MIDWEST Alert Program, through which we are able to inform our members of issues in real time. Currently we are developing health care and insurance programs as well.
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AARA Midwest Mission

  • To unite retail & Liquor industry.
  • Provide the community with the voice, tools, Programme & technology to succeed.
  • Retail friendly environment.
  • Increase purchase power of a small retailer.
  • Exchange of experience and industry news.
  • Promote & protect the interest of members through leadership, professional development and community involvement.
  • Provide protection and proper guideline to the members.
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